Absite Smackdown! · Can Residents Predict Their Own Absite Scores?


By:  Jessica R


No one can predict the future, unfortunately.

We certainly have an idea of what we want or what we think we're capable of.

And sometimes we're able to execute that vision somewhat accurately...and sometimes we fail.

When it comes to Absite scores, this was proven to be true by a study done at the end of 2011 beginning of 2012.  Here's the link:


The study's purpose?  "Can surgical residents predict their ABSITE score accurately?"

The subjects were give a survey in December 2011 to take their temperatures on how prepared they were and what they thought they would score on the test. Then they were given a second survey given in January 2012 after taking the exam.

In both surveys, the median score was much higher than the actual test score. Which means the answer to "Can a resident predict their own score accurately?" is a resounding NO.

What did help in predicting score was the previous years results.

The take away is:  confidence in yourself is great, but studying and relying on preparation is the only way to score how you want on the Absite exam!


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