ABSITE Smackdown! v3.0 Book + Video Lecture Series

The ABSITE Smackdown! is the only ABSITE review book that comes with an ABSITE review video lecture series included with every copy sold...paperback or Kindle! And version 3.0 is better than ever!

If you purchase here, you also receive your ticket to the yearly, live, rapid-review ABSITE Smackdown! Live conference...all-included!

That’s right: this book is like no other available ABSITE review book. And that’s because this isn’t just a review book at all...it’s a toolbox to help you score your very best on the ABSITE and includes MUCH more than just a book.

Most ABSITE review courses cost $595 or more...plus the plane ticket at travel time! Not this one!

Every purchase of ABSITE Smackdown! comes with an included video lecture series to let you review anytime, anywhere and avoid traveling for an ABSITE review or missing out on essential content from the ABSITE Smackdown! review book. (Instructions to access online lecture series are included in every book sold whether that’s a Kindle edition or paperback. This ABSITE video lecture series is included with your book at no extra cost, and requires email proof of purchase to unlock.)

And now, when you purchase here, you also receive your ticket to the ABSITE Smackdown! Live review conference...an online, yearly, rapid review conference from the > 10 authors of ABSITE Smackdown!. You can check it out here:  https://www.airmeet.com/e/14e78220-37b8-11ed-8061-19a001a0bc0f


That's more than $500 in value for your ABSITE review...and not a plane ticket in sight!

Created from 5 years of notes, surgeons’ experiences with the ABSITE, and all the classic review book content, ABSITE Smackdown! is like no other.

ABSITE Smackdown! includes even more than essential ABSITE content...it shares research on ABSITE performance and tips for preparing for the test that are NOT covered in any other work! Version 3.0 includes two new chapters, an updated video course, and over 90 high-yield illustrations to help with your review.


Reviews For Absite Smackdown! v3.0 & v2.0
  • Absite Smackdown! was already the best. Now with v3.0, the new chapters, and updated video course...it's just fantastic!
  • The #ProjectSmackdown Team raises the bar with every new version. Thanks so much guys and I love the podcast!
  • Still the best way to spend the money my residency gives me for books.
  • New chapters, better video course...it's even better than before.
  • After version 2.0 I wished this had been around when I started residency. Now I can't wait to share version 3.0 with the first years.

˃˃˃ The important content

The core of ABSITE Smackdown! is a great ABSITE review book. Essential content is presented in an easy to understand, and retain, format. Now with two additional chapters, the Absite Smackdown! includes more than ever.

˃˃˃ The useful test taking tips

ABSITE Smackdown! shares research on ABSITE performance factors, and this is just one of the many differences that make ABSITE Smackdown! such a valuable resource for surgery residents.

˃˃˃ The amazing extras

If the book’s great content, chapter on ABSITE test taking performance, and easy to read layout weren’t enough to help your ABSITE performance this year, remember: every copy of ABSITE Smackdown! includes access to the ABSITE Smackdown! video lecture series so you can review for your ABSITE anytime and anywhere without needing to fly or drive to an ABSITE course! And now with V3.0 the video course is updated for improved audio and new content!

ABSITE Smackdown! v3.0 Book + Video Lecture Series
ABSITE Smackdown! v3.0 Book + Video Lecture Series
ABSITE Smackdown! v3.0 Book + Video Lecture Series
ABSITE Smackdown! v3.0 Book + Video Lecture Series
ABSITE Smackdown! v3.0 Book + Video Lecture Series

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