Review Books + Lecture Videos = A+

We know how stressful it is studying for the ABSITE. We're here to lighten your load and make it easier for you, while improving your overall knowledge retention.

By combining our review books with expert lecture course videos, we'll help you walk out of the testing room with a smile on your face!

Absite Smackdown! Course Welcome

Here's the course welcome video.

Only ABSITE review book and online lectures you will need. The lectures are a great add-on to the book. No need to travel for a review course, you can do this from anywhere and on your time! Thank you Dr. Kashmer for devoting your time to create the best ABSITE review book & course.

Georgina - Verified Customer

Excellent study aide for the ABSITE. If you are a visual learner, like myself, the videos Dr. Kashmer has included are absolutely vital! I def recommend picking this up while studying (also there are large margins so you can write your own notes!).

Kathryn - Verified Customer

Finally someone has created a comprehensive and easy to follow book - WITH A MANUAL AND VIDEO LECTURE COURSE!! OMG!!! No more costly travels to who-knows-where, staying in pricey hotels, and trying to cram everything into a long weekend. Dr. Kashmer has hit a home run (or knock-out) with this manual/video combo--all for an affordable price and the convenience of taking the course in the comfort of my own home! Thank you Dr. Kashmer-- this will save me time, money, and allow me the best prep ever for ABSITE this year!

Michele - Verified Customer