Absite Smackdown! · Episode 83: ABSITE Smackdown! LIVE Conference--Pediatric Surgery Review

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The #ProjectSmackdown Team shares the Pediatric Surgery Review talk from the ABSITE Smackdown! LIVE Conference.

Access free #ABSITE review lectures and podcast episodes here: absitesmackdown.com/blogs/news

We review clinical scenarios, #ABSITE facts, and interesting General Surgery knowledge.

This will help you perform your best on the #ABSITE this year.

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About The Team: #ProjectSmackdown is a four person team of two clinicians, one social media specialist, and one surgical resident with one goal: to make mastery of the ABSITE General Surgery knowledge base as easy as possible. How do they do it?

Every day, the team creates useful audio and visual content to make learning part of your routine on social media across all your devices.

Each day, the team shares one important Absite fact on Insta, @Daily.Absite.Fact.

On Twitter, connect with us @AbsiteSmackdown.

On Facebook, the group shares info @AbsiteSmackdown.

The Absite Smackdown Podcast, on Soundcloud, Stitcher, Spotify, and iTunes goes deeper into useful Absite info and often shares new entries from the blog.

At AbsiteSmackdown.com, the team shares written, audio, and visual content along with other info to get you ready for your yearly exam and General Surgery practice.

The review book, Absite Smackdown!, is your best-selling ABSITE review book...and is the only one that includes an entire ABSITE lecture series with every copy sold!

It's much better than traveling for a review course AND makes a review course accessible to resident colleagues anytime and anywhere!

The Team also runs a twice yearly live review conference, The ABSITE Smackdown! Highlights Conference, to assist with your complete review and prep. You can access an on-demand version of that conference here!


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