By:  Brigitte T


We've known since 1885 or so that memories degrade over time.  In fact, we know just how much retention degrades and over how long.  We even know how to promote retention of key facts!


Have you ever heard of "The Forgetting Curve"?  Herman Ebbinghaus, in 1885, theorized that humans start losing the memory of learned knowledge over time unless the learned knowledge is reviewed time and again.


I know I personally tend to forget things quickly if I don't start using the information right away. 


“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” --Confucius


The more I consciously go over information the better I retain it.  Some people may retain better than others, but, overall, the trend for how long we remember information similar among people.


Absite Smackdown promotes retention.


According to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve theory, the level at which we retain information depends on:  the strength of the memory and the amount of time that has passed since learning.


Research has shown that reviewing at regular intervals does increase retention and, over time, less frequent review is needed.  I have experienced that if I set aside specific time to review information that I need to retain I am more likely to remember it.


As you prepare for the next ABSITE, consider setting an alarm or notification on your phone to remind you to take time to review.  Research shows repetition, repetition, repetition is a key role in retention. The more you go over it, see it and hear it the more you will retain it.


With ABSITE Smackdown!, information is delivered in both the review book and but lecture videos.  Plus you have continued access to go back and listen to the lecture videos as many times as you need to retain the information.  


Plus, on each page in the ABSITE Smackdown! review book you have plenty of space to make notes!


So you can see, hear, and repeat information to overcome the forgetting curve anytime!

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