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It really can be difficult to learn to suture and tie while we study in medical school, PA school, NP school, or early in surgical residency.

There are so many barriers: scarce time, no equipment around, and there's not much availability of people to show you what you're doing wrong. Difficult to bring together all the elements you need to practice. All of us basically try to do what we can when we can, whether that's between cases while on a surgical rotation or on our own time, we're often left trying to tie something onto the drawstring of our scrubs. And let's face it, you don't get good that way.

The old way to practice tying required a board that was too big to carry or one that you can't even get anymore. It wasn't ready when you needed it and it didn't tell you how to do anything. It just let you try. Nowadays these are hard to get if you can get one at all and are expensive, they even miss key techniques and there's no course included to teach you what to do.

But now there's a new way: Suture Stadium from ABSITE Smackdown can fit in the pocket of your white coat. Your phone is on it, and you can watch the Top Knot course, which teaches you techniques on the board including things like two-handed square knots, one-handed square and slip knots, how to tie a drain in place, and even more advanced techniques like the Lembert Suture Technique and the Connell Suture technique. It's easy to get over at Things have come a long way since the old days.

There's already lots of evidence that you can learn to stitch, tie and suture remotely. We share it in the course and this is a much better way to learn how to do what you need to do. The Suture Stadium and Top Knot course are available when you are. Suture Stadium fits in your white coat pocket and is easy to set up so you don't need to tie on your scrubs. The course is taught by a team with more than 20 years experience teaching surgery residents and medical students. The included video course even teaches you useful techniques not taught elsewhere, like how to secure a drain in place. Medical students get asked to do that one a lot and typically aren't prepared.

Really, it's difficult to learn to suture and tie unless you use the Top Knot course and Suture Stadium from ABSITE Smackdown. Head over to and pick up your suture stadium today!

Remember, for every course sold, the #ProjectSmackdown team donates one course admission and Suture Stadium to rural and international trainees!  #Giveonegetone #GlobalSurgery #AbsiteSmackdown




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