By:  Jessica R

Have you ever stopped to consider how important your environment is? The people you surround yourself with or the activities you engage in shape you and your future.


From the college you attend to the resident program you're accepted to, all can make a difference in your pace and path.

I found a study that focused on this very thing and how it can affect the outcome of your ABSITE scores.

Without going line-by-line through the study I'll skip to the good parts.

The object was to determine which factors can influence the score such as the program director's attitude and teaching style, as well as their curriculum and environment.

A questionnaire was sent out to Program Directors. 15 different programs participated. All 460 resident ABSITE scores from the 15 programs were obtained. Programs with higher scores included ones that track the residents' reading throughout the year.  And programs with a remediation protocol also had higher scores.

To conclude: programs where the Director is hands-on and involved with accountability in place helps their residents achieve more.

I think most of us do better in life when we have support and follow through from our teachers, bosses and leaders. So set your pace to the front of the race and choose a winning program and Director.


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