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By:  Jessica R


I am one of those people who actually enjoys reading, I genuinely love it. I will take a book over TV any day.

On my down time if I'm buried in my phone its probably more likely that I am reading on the Kindle app then playing on social media.

I never thought I was gifted or more intelligent then my peers, but school and especially testing has always come easily to me.

I spent the summers as a child at my grandmother's in small town Illinois. The nearest neighbor was 2 miles away, and town was at least 20.

My grandma was a nurse and she ran blood drives. She said books were essential to keep people relaxed and from getting bored when donating. Therefore she had so many...most of which were romance if we are being honest.

It wasn't appropriate for my 6 year old self, but that's what I started reading. Do not fret.  Those old Harquins cut scene once the man kissed her and her bosom heaved.

Anyways, because of my early introduction to reading and doing so much of it, my reading comprehension level was extremely high from a young age. When you enjoy something you usually develop skill, and that skill can be applied.

So, because I love to read I do so quickly and efficiently and can remember what I read, which in turn helps me with tests, interviews and my job. The correlation between reading and testing higher has itself been tested and documented.

Here's a link to how reading can affect your ABSITE score:


Objectives: to identify how much studying was done, how they are reading/studying, and the role that ABSITE preparation plays in resident reading.

Conclusions:  the residents who reported reading consistently with daily studying and textbook use were associated with higher ABSITE scores.

So don't just study...read. And let's score higher on the ABSITE.




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