By:  Jessica R


We live in a very busy world. Technology has helped to maximize our time as much as it can suck it away.

For every moment we save on doing our research and studying, we can lose double that down an Internet rabbit hole. We walk around with minicomputers in our hands and at our disposal.

So how many times do you pick up your phone to google something and then it’s an hour later and you are on your 4th YouTube video, or have a full Amazon basket? I know I can’t be the only one.

Utilizing our time and tools to achieve our goals is possible and even necessary. We have apps that remind us to stand up and move because we have been sitting too long. We can track our food intake and calories with another.

A calendar sets reminders to plan every moment of our day. So many options at our fingertips. Depending on your life and goals, there is a website, or blog or app to help. Find what you need and make it work for your busy life and world.

Me?  I live by Google calendar for time management, Myfitnesspal to keep track of my health, to have resources on blogs/articles for residency and of course to study and grow for testing.

Stay on track!


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