Absite Smackdown! · Episode 78: Facts About The ABSITE From The Absite Smackdown! Live Conference 2022


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The Absite Smackdown! LIVE review conference is in full swing!  More than 190 participants across three online platforms and four timezones joined us for conference day 1.

ABSITE review book authors from around the country gathered to discuss material, content, and important highlights for this year's test.

Days 2 and 3 have the most high yield ABSITE content...and you can still signup with discounted tickets here.

Access to yesterday's (and all) talks are included...talks are recorded and available now online.  The #ProjectSmackdown Team is grateful for the incredible group of speakers and participants at this online, no-travel, great review conference.

Use this to hit the highlights and get up to speed fast before this year's ABSITE has passed us by!

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