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Wow!  The #ProjectSmackdown Team would like to thank the speakers and participants for the Jan 2022 ABSITE Smackdown! LIVE Review Conference!

More than 250 attendees and 14 speakers across 5 different time zones came together to make this conference one great experience for rapid ABSITE review!

The ABSITE Smackdown! LIVE Conference is based on the best selling review book, ABSITE Smackdown!, and The Absite Smackdown! Podcast.  Both are productions of The #ProjectSmackdown Team (part of The Healthcare Lab, Inc.) composed of attending surgeons, surgical residents, and surgical APs.

#ProjectSmackdown is dedicated to sharing surgical education content via the positive use of social media and technology.

The online conference brought together participants from across the US and as far away as Australia.  (We can't help but write this next part so apologies to our Aussie friends...)

It all made for a good day mate!

All attendees even received access to the ABSITE Smackdown! Video Review Course for expanded review.

Look for more information about upcoming ABSITE Smackdown! LIVE Conferences here on the blog.

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