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By:  Jessica Rizzo


I really hate to fly. I know everyone does--but I abhor it.

Unfortunately my career took me to Florida and my former life and loved ones reside in Oklahoma.

That's a 17 hour drive by car!  And when time is money, the 3 hour flight wins.

To make the process less abhorrent and to utilize my time wisely, I have taken to studying and writing on my flight.

Here's the thing:  flights are not peaceful in main cabin. With how often I fly, springing for first class is not going to happen.

So when you're in your tight window seat and trying to work and the Karen or Bob next to you is telling you all about their vacation, ('cause so many people coming and going from Florida are in fact vacationing) it's very hard to concentrate.

Regular earbuds don't get it done. You can still hear background noise and if your seatmate is adamant enough they wont stop them from trying to converse. Thank the gods for noise canceling wireless bluetooth headphones. I put them on and it's go time.

Quiet, concentration and focus. Well unless you fall asleep of course. Lucky for me I was able to find a great pair at a decent price.  I included the link here.

Now I don't dread flying. I actually can get so much accomplished because my phone is in an airplane mode time out. No friends or family to distract me. No needs I am not meeting. It's just me and my laptop.

Now my best studying and writing gets done in that 3 hours.

Please fasten your seatbelts for take off.


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