By:  Jessica R


I was online trying to find artwork for the office.

I was scrolling through images on Google and I kept seeing all these pictures of surgery theaters...not the common ones we think of today, but the pictures that remind me of Sherlock Holmes' time.

The kind where there are doctors in huge white aprons, blood covered, and looking more like butchers than Doctors. Operating on people with medieval looking, torture like instruments, and a room full of people watching and looking down on them from above. Those people being students or residents trying to learn.

Imagine the difficulty of that time. The majority of your surgical education before operating by yourself was watching from a seat. I'm sure there was no standardized testing then. Being a surgical resident in that time meant you were a resident of the actual hospital--as in lived in it. Not in a joking "oh I live here" comment for always being at work.

It makes you grateful for our opportunities today. The technology, the resources and general knowledge. The education we have access to and Medicine we can practice without doing harm. Even the standardized testing. Be grateful, take advantage of the opportunities. Study. Work hard. Do no harm. 

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