By:  Jessica R


We have all heard the saying work smarter not harder. I have practically made it my personal motto, applying it to different aspects of my life. Small things, like how I do laundry or organize my cabinets. Preparation helps me carry out tasks in a more efficient manner. So, when it comes to studying how can I apply my mantra? I could read the textbook cover to cover, again and again, when I do not know which 24%, they will apply to the test. That’s a lot of hard work and does not seem smart. Also, I am an auditory learner, so not only would I need to read every page multiple times but read it out loud until I am horse for it to really stick.  The way we are learning is evolving as the world changes. Spending hours in a dusty library reading book after book is no longer a necessity. Libraries and Dewey decimal system are falling by the wayside to Kindle and YouTube videos. That is why I was so happy to find ABSITE Smackdown. It's like the CliffsNotes of Absite study books combined with its own YouTube tutorials.


Work Smarter not harder and study for your Absite test with ABSITE Smackdown.


#ABSITE Smackdown

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