Absite Smackdown! · Episode 28: Feet At The Beach Absite Prep


By:  Jessica R


There are days that I am so tired I feel like doing one more thing might actually kill me.

I realize that sounds overdramatic, but when every moment is scheduled or you're on call it doesn't feel like your life is your own sometimes. You want to be Superman or Superwoman. You want to do it all, want to be successful. It's not really enough to just be good...you want to be great. How do you do that as a resident and still keep quality of life?

You are in the hospital a minimum of 80 hours, and then you have everything on top of that like studying, family, a significant other (If you even have one) while trying to have some semblance of a life?

In so many ways we are lucky in comparison to the classes that came before us. We have opportunities and options they did not. But with those options seems to come the feeling that you cannot break away. With phones constantly in our hands we are always reachable, always available. Also being that our phones are mini computers, we have no excuse not to look or research something to get it right.

How many times are you watching TV or having a conversation and something comes up that you don't know or someone else says a fact is correct...and you're not really sure that's correct...so you Google it? What did we do before Google?

So finding that balance, the balance to always be available, to always be learning, to always be better, and still to be a person (and not just the job) can be difficult. You've got to make the most of the moments. Squeezing life in when you can.

One of my favorite photo feeds about squeezing life in when you can on our Instagram (@daily.absite.fact) is 'feet at the beach'.

Seeing ABSITE Smackdown! books next to people at the beach, while they live life but still prioritize their education, feels like we're doing it right. All the platforms you can watch the videos on, and that you can take the book with you anywhere you go, gives us options to live our life without sacrificing our dreams, our education, and our future.

One more way to live life and study all at the same time!


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